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High-ly Inviting – How to Find Your Way to the Higher Vibration

I got to thinking about vibrations and wavelengths this morning. I think I was attempting to understand the difference between the vibration I call “me” and the vibe I want to be. Basically I realized that the waves of any vibe are up and down. The frequency. When we move from low to high and high to low within our usual frequency it is what we call “life’s ups and downs.” But when we suddenly experience the “high” of an improved state, usually through an externally stimulated experience, we get a taste of how we want to feel. Which is actually an invitation to ourselves to create something new.

Let’s See

The highs and lows of a more desired experience have a frequency. This frequency is different than the highs and lows of our “normal” reality. So when we get a taste of the high of a desired state or reality and then return to our normal frequency we experience a “low”. But the “low” we experience is actually just daily life. And we fail to see that we were being shown the vibration we must inhabit in order to step up our lives.

The only detail is that we must experience this state without the physical/external stimulus. We must simply learn to mentally let go of our “ordinary”. And create thoughts which illicit the emotions we had during the desired experience.

highs, high, low, frequency, vibration, meditation

High-ly Higher

What’s more is that experiencing highs isn’t even as high as we can go. A high vibration for one person is the low end of vibration for another. So think of the highs you experience as a taste of what you can experience. A taste of what else is possible.

So how do we create the experience and begin to make it our “normal vibration?” We simply need to feel the elevated feeling without needing the “cause.” And then practice maintaining and increasing that emotional state.

So begin to create thoughts which cause the feeling you want to experience. Because being human means you don’t actually need an external stimulus to have a feeling. Being human means we can think to feel.

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Josie de Vere is evolving thinker who happens to be codependent and also a writer. Hoping her journey through the darkness to know enlightenment inspires others along the way.

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