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Watch Your Tone, Little Missy

I realized while listening to this audio on YouTube that there is a deeper reason I meditate. I meditate to hear my sound. To hear how I’m speaking to The Universe. The rhythm of my vibration. To know what sound my thoughts and emotions are coming together to make and communicate.

Manage Your Vibe

If you listen closely, you’ll hear how you’re “vibing.” And you’ll know by how it makes you feel whether you like it. If you do, then groove to it for as long as it brings you joy. If you don’t, you can change it as often as you like by changing your thoughts and creating corresponding emotions. The more you practice managing your thoughts and emotions the more you adjust your vibe. And it is really “adjusting” our vibration, even thought we call it “raising/changing our vibration.”


With practice you will begin to find the place where you enjoy where your thoughts and emotions are taking you (tuning into a new vibe). But this isn’t the time to stop. Keep practicing, because you must allow yourself to find your balance in this new rhythm. This is how you “find the groove,” if you will. And the more you get into the groove of your new vibe, the more other people and things who share your vibe will appear in your life.

What’s My Vibe?

Wondering about your vibration? Just look at the people and things around you. That’s a great way to know how you’re vibin with The Universe right now.

meditation, tone, vibration, The Universe, poetry

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