The Break Up Composer

The Break Up Composer

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Through my life and work I’ve learned just how valuable a break up can be, for both parties, if done the right way. But that’s tough when emotions are involved. You know what you want to say, but just can’t seem to say it. You don’t want to be hurtful, but you want a change. So let me draft the perfect phrases to help you (and them) be empowered to start the conversation and get to moving on, with as few hurt feelings as possible. Let’s approach this break up with diplomacy.
So wherever you are in the break up process, let me help you find the right words. Whether you need to break up with a long term partner, friendship you’ve outgrown, online dating “match” you’re no longer interested in pursuing, hairdresser you don’t want to use anymore, coworker who’s too clingy…whomever. Let this professional copywriter, Psych major, and philosophical thinker find the words for you. Seriously, whoever you need distance from, I’ve got you.

"So awesome, cool, funny, and completely useful and needed!" ~Anonymous

For $20 I’ll draft your break up text (about 150 words or less). This includes 1 edit. Additional copy/responses to this situation are $10 each (about 100 words or less). You’re welcome to edit it, read it, copy it, send it verbatim, or simply let it give you the inspiration to find the words for yourself.
Simply use the PayPal QR code below to send the $20 payment and then send an email to BreakUpComposer(at)gmail(dot)com with the following details:
*Why do you want this separation/break up? (i.e.: irreconcilable differences, outgrew them, etc.)
*Is this something permanent, or do you just need some space?
*How long have you been together?
*Any details about your current relationship (i.e.: you’ve been accused of being distant, you’ve found someone else, etc.)
*Who is this person to you? (i.e.: friend, neighbor, hairdresser, partner, husband, wife, etc.)

No judgement here. I just need to get a feel for where your head is so we can get you inspired for what the future holds.

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Please note that I am not a therapist and the copy I provide is not to be taken as therapy or advice from a professional therapist. If you are in an abusive relationship, please seek professional/legal help. Think of me as that logical friend you call when you need a different perspective.