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Mirroring Passion

As usual with this blog, this entry heralds the publication of another Mr. Darcy literotica short story. But also as usual, that’s not the point of this post.

The other day I was contracted to help spruce up a business plan for investment purposes. After having a phone meeting with the owner and having a look at the business plan, as a writer, it was clear how I could help. The words which I found upon hearing her story spoke of the essence of inspiration. However, this very confident female CEO, while extremely socially conscious, was focused, from my perspective, on how to monetize her social consciousness. Not on the very inspiring story which I saw.

From my perspective, she had a unique history, one which could be compelling with the right words. So I sent her a few short example sentences and I was hired…with the caveat that she wanted me to add some humor. Admittedly, humor in business, or even in writing isn’t my strong point…and now I know why.

A Sense of Humor

It’s not that I lack a sense of humor. I absolutely love humor. Who doesn’t? It’s just that I write from a different place.

I realized just this morning that what I do is write the passion I see, whether or not other people see it. Which is likely why there is a tone of seriousness to my approach. Which is also why my style seems to be good for some businesses.

Business of Passion

It’s true that investors care about the ROI, but who better to get returns than people who truly have a vision they believe in? You see, people with vision are not easily swayed. They do not easily give up. And they are more likely to find ways to overcome. And people, especially investors, want to see this type of passion.

And so, while I step in to communicate the passion, I can only hope that what I see inspires (and reminds) my clients to see what their business is all about. Because it is truly the journey of creating a business from an inspired vision which becomes the goal. The ROI, the money, isn’t the purpose, it is the happy side effect. But it takes perspective to see this. It takes even more perspective to embrace this.

Funny The Things You Learn

And so, while I think I’ll always wonder if people will like the words I give them, at least now I can so very clearly see that I am trying to mirror their passion back to them with my words. What they choose to see in my words, however, is entirely up to them.

Keep in mind, what you see in the words of others says a lot about how you approach your business…and your life.

Now that I think about it, I suppose I’m all about “passion.” Which explains why I write literotica. Funny the things you learn…and don’t even realize.

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