Sex Stories – Mr. Darcy

Sex Stories : Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy Behind Closed Doors

Each of the short stories in The Pemberley Estate Series brings you the voyeuristic perspective of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s Bennet’s unconventional marriage. Now Josie de Vere fills in the blanks between all 16 short stories in the series with her unique blend of philosophical erotica, or “existential erotica,” as she likes to call it. Sink into the haunted mind of Mr. Darcy as he winds his way back to the beginning of his erotic exploits with his wife Elizabeth in an attempt to discover how everything has gone so terribly awry.

Mr. Darcy's Unfaithful Wife

Mr. Darcy, upon his return from days away on business, requests that his wife permit him back into their bed and into her favor. But not without first feeding his deep desire to hear her describe her recent exploits and add a bit of fuel to them as well. But Elizabeth has a secret. Her newest lover, Able Bray, affects her deeply. And while she and her husband take lovers openly, she knows that her secret affections for this new man make her unfaithful.

Mr. Darcy's Evolution

Carl Jung believed that while your shadow holds deep, dark aspects of the self, it also holds the potential for great creativity. In “Mr. Darcy’s Evolution” Madam de Vere is working toward reconciling parts of her darkness by tapping the creativity held within her shadow. You may just notice the theme which played out in her life as she penned this short story. And you will begin to see how Mr. Darcy’s Evolution is equally hers. We’re eager to see how this newly discovered creative space will develop her writing in upcoming installments.

The Pemberley Estate Series has proven the Darcy’s liberal bedroom antics. And while Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are a pair of uniquely bonded souls, the couple admittedly experiences pleasure from witnessing the pleasure of the other. Get lost in this short story as you watch Elizabeth artfully succumb to the seduction of the fine Able Bray while Mr. Darcy willingly partakes in the cuckoldry. Willingly stabbing at his own jealousy for the sake of her pleasure, as well as his own.

Mr. Darcy's Unsuitable Fairytale

Mr. Darcy's Unsuitable Fairytale

Mr. Darcy and his wife Elizabeth have a unique dance of seduction throughout The Pemberley Estate Series. Now, Mr. Darcy takes to penning a tale specifically for his wife. While Darcy narrates his tale to Elizabeth, he hopes to inspire her surrender at the hands of her three favorite lovers. Within the pages of “Mr. Darcy’s Unsuitable Fairytale” you will enjoy the intermingled seduction of two tales under one cover.

Mr. Darcy's Lessons

Mr. Darcy's Lessons

The evening is set to begin with Elizabeth’s favorite stablehand, Robert, while she waits for Mr. Darcy to finish his business. But before she can begin, Elizabeth Darcy’s plans are interrupted by a late night caller. It seems that the wife of a frequent visitor to Pemberley and business associate of Mr. Darcy seeks to make her disapproval of their sexual exploits known. But Eliza is wise beyond her years and sets out to seduce the woman as to expose her tarnished past and want of propriety. When Mr. Darcy joins his wife and her concubine, they endeavor to teach a lesson she is not likely to soon forget.

Mr. Darcy's Surrender

Madam de Vere welcomes you back to the Pemberley Estate Series with this first person point of view short story told by Mr. Darcy himself. You may remember that Mr. Darcy and his wife Elizabeth like to explore their sexuality and press boundaries while they’re at it. In Mr. Darcy’s Surrender a devilishly handsome gentleman by the name of Abel Bray is welcomed into the Darcy bedchamber. He is Darcy’s equal in nearly every way, which stokes emotions of jealousy and insecurity. In all of its unfamiliarity, Darcy does his best to overcome his inadequacies, as any strong, cuckolded lover would.

Mr. Darcy's Profound Love

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet meet once again in the alternate universe of The Poor Darcy Series of short stories to discover that they have stumbled upon something much deeper than the novelty of physical love. Join Mr. Darcy as he walks with his lover through their personal surrender to one another. Abandoning all selfish possession, the couple begins to explore their respective responsibility with regard to pleasure, as well as their own unique understanding of profound love.

Mr. Darcy At My Leisure

The world of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet has been turned upside down in The Poor Darcy Series. Josie de Vere brings you Book 2 in the series with Ms. Bennet and her close friend Mr. Bingley calling on Mr. Darcy at Longbourn shortly after their first interlude at the Netherfield Ball, in “Mr. Darcy ~ At My Leisure.”

When Ms. Bennet set out to visit her friends in Hertfordshire she had hoped to encounter something more honest in the country than the usual deception of high society in town. Although, she had not planned for the handsome Mr. Darcy to make quite an impression on her. After an impromptu, albeit steamy encounter which pushes Mr. Darcy’s newly acquired sexual boundaries, Elizabeth finds herself in the awkward position of having to reconcile herself so that she may make a difficult decision about which way she would like to proceed in her quest for social (and sexual) liberation.

Mr. Darcy's Clandestine Affairs

Ooh la la! Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth embark on a steamy adventure in a Paris brothel in “Mr. Darcy’s Clandestine Affairs.”

Elizabeth Darcy has indulged and catered to her husband’s every erotic need. So, on a lavish trip to Paris, Mr. Darcy arranged a courtesan as a gift for his wife as a token of his appreciation. As the evening unfolds, Mr. Darcy is treated to not only his share of the experience, but a fortunate young man is welcomed into the scene and treated to an experience he had only dreamed of.

Mr. Darcy An Exchange of Power

Mr. Darcy – An Exchange of Power reacquaints the wealthy Elizabeth Bennet with the object of her fantasy, the humble Fitzwilliam Darcy. When last they parted, Ms. Bennet had established that men were at her leisure, not the other way around. But since their last farewell, her fantasies have been haunted by the humble Mr. Darcy. Upon his return from town she is forced to reckon with the strength of her resolve, and determine if he is her lover, or if she is becoming his.

Mr. Darcy Amidst the Darkness

The lives of society are often boring in scripted nature, however the extracurricular affairs of the Darcy’s peers are not so different from their own. Watch as Pemberley welcomes a variety of guests (whose consciousnesses have been, shall we say, “enhanced”) to the parlor where Elizabeth, as always, resumes her position as the centerpiece of Darcy’s particular voyeuristic fantasy. Ah, but keep in mind that the vignettes which play out amidst the Lords and Ladies in attendance are equally tailored for his particular pleasure.

Mr. Darcy Through the Looking Glass

The alternate reality of The Poor Darcy Series continues with a unique sensory experience for the modest Mr. Darcy and his lavish lover, Elizabeth Bennet. In Elizabeth’s Da Vinci inspired mirror room, Mr. Darcy is invited by Ms. Bennet and her most favored lover, Mr. Bingley, to a boundary pushing experience of self reflection and sexual exploration. This literotica tale is the next move in their elaborate game of sexual chess.

Poor Mr. Darcy

Poor Mr. Darcy is the first installment of The Poor Darcy Series from Josie de Vere. This short story finds Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in an alternate reality, where Darcy is the heir to his father’s modest Longbourn estate, and Ms. Elizabeth Bennet the wealthy recipient of her family’s vast fortune.

During the ball at Netherfield Ms. Bennet requests an audience with the unassuming Mr. Darcy. He presumes that he has been summoned to discuss business, after all, why else would a woman of such breeding single him out amongst all the gentlemen in Hertfordshire? Little does he know that by the coming of the next dawn everything he thought he knew of the world will have changed…especially Elizabeth Bennet.

Mr. Darcy The Veil of Darkness

The alternate universe of The Poor Darcy series has (so far) brought you four short literotica stories featuring Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet as you’ve never seen them. In this role reversal series you will find a wealthy Eliza Bennet and a modest Mr. Darcy both exploring their sexuality, society, and their senses. The four stories in this bundle are enchanting and salacious, as Mr. Darcy becomes the protege of Ms. Bennet and the tides begin to turn as he too opens her eyes to an unexpected world of desire and emotion.

Mr. Darcy's Bedchamber

Darcy’s story of his sexual exploits continues with this short, erotic story blending both his past and his present. Before him, his wife Elizabeth explores her own sexuality while he looks on. Thoughts of their wedding night, and of his first sexual encounter unfold in his memory, charging him for his role tonight within his bedchamber.

Mr. Darcy's Writing Desk

Madam de Vere takes yet another gentle approach to erotica, and pulls back the shade on the alternate mind of Mr. Darcy in “Mr. Darcy’s Writing Desk.”

Through his letters, Mr. Darcy provides new perspectives and erotic details to his wife, Elizabeth. He exposes to her the depth of his admiration, and explains the escape that their bedroom (and lovers) provide. Confessing the weight of social pressures, he explains how using their bedroom as an opportunity to release constraints offers him a welcome reprieve, all while defining how he achieves a new kind of unity with his wife…through surrender.

Mr. Darcy's Enemies

“Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.” ~W. Shakespeare  In the case of Caroline Bingley, it is known that her designs on Mr. Darcy came to an abrupt end when he chose to marry Eliza Bennet. The equally jilted George Wickham was adequately disciplined by the admirable Mr. Darcy, and is now married to Elizabeth’s youngest sister. A chance meeting between Mr. Darcy’s common enemies results in a scene of misplaced retribution fueled by repressed sexual tension, anger, and self-loathing. Mr. Darcy’s Enemies is a resignation of virtue and merciless deception; a combination which creates unexpected allies through a common enemy.

Mr. Darcy's Dirty Mind

Oh how Madam Josie de Vere loves for that Mr. Darcy to play with his wife. Mr. Darcy’s Dirty Mind has arrived, making the fourth installment of The Pemberley Estate Series a deliciously naughty addition.

Mr. Darcy’s Dirty Mind finds the couple en route to London in one of their fine carriages. Elizabeth is caught reflecting on the memory of Mrs. Dunn’s antics on their wedding night, the ones which preceded her joining Mr. Darcy – who was set to claim her maidenhead, the very antics which were the inspiration for her varying sexual proclivities. Mr. Darcy can’t help but to coax the scene from her lips for his self pleasure. Mrs. Darcy does indeed comply with her husband’s request, but much like her husband, she is not to be outdone. See how she turns the tables and takes the reins for both of their pleasure.

Mr. Darcy's Forbidden Touch

Mr. Darcy has proven himself to be a passionate and considerate lover, open to experimentation and unabashed when it comes to his sexual proclivities. It is no secret that he and Elizabeth have cultivated quite a life of sexual exploration and abandon when the shades of Pemberley are drawn. Yet while Mr. Darcy is away, he knows that Elizabeth will play. No matter how many times he leaves, upon each return from London he sets out to reclaim his wife and his rightful position as the object of her desire.

Mr. Darcy's Naughty Little Words

A new installment in The Pemberley Estate Series has arrived! Mr. Darcy’s Naughty Little Words shares with you the humble beginnings of the Darcy’s sexual exploits. Early on in their bedchamber, Mr. Darcy began subtly raising Elizabeth’s awareness of her sexuality, planting the seeds of curiosity in her ever curious mind. Much to his pleasure, the seeds have taken root and while Elizabeth is always happy to please her husband, she is equally as happy to please herself. Once again, Mr. Darcy finds that his wife doesn’t disappoint when he discovers that she has cultivated a virginal stablehand explicitly for their shared pleasure. In this short story, the three gently explore sexuality, fantasy, and fetish all exposed for your pleasure.

Mr. Darcy's Favor

Mr. Darcy and The Pemberley Estate Series are by far Josie de Vere’s best selling stories. Since her naughty is your “oh so nice,” Madam de Vere has penned another exquisite scene from behind the closed doors of Pemberley.

Charles Bingley requests the presence of his best friend in the guest chambers at the Pemberley Estate. What unfolds that evening is the expansion of their erotic explorations, pushing boundaries and exploring the pique of sexual pleasure. It is Charles’ desire to include his wife, Jane, expanding her erotic horizons with new experiences, but truly, it’s the end of this short story which turns both Charles Bingley and our readers on their ears as Mr. Darcy has something exquisite in store!

Mrs. Bingley's Introduction to Seduction

The naughty scene within the Darcys’ bedchamber continues at Pemberley with the latest installment to The Pemberley Estate series from Josie de Vere, which also includes Mr. Darcy’s Secret and Mr. Darcy’s Bedchamber.

Mrs. Bingley’s Introduction to Seduction is the newest short, erotic story bringing you Jane Bingley’s first taboo sexual experience upon her visit to Pemberley. Two scenes play out in this short story, with a new and seductive participant. Mrs. Bingley tips her toe into exploring her sexuality while down the hall, Elizabeth quells her ever growing desire with her two favorite people and a welcome new addition, which deliciously bridges the two scenes together.

Mr. Darcy's Shadows

Within the walls of Pemberley many shadows are cast where secret voyeurs lay in wait.

Mr. Darcy, away on business for at least a fortnight, provides his wife, Elizabeth, with the perfect opportunity to further her affairs with the young stablehand with whom she has been particularly intrigued. Little does she know, however, that lurking in the shadows is a young and virginal voyeur intent on creating her own sexual experience.

When the Pemberley maid happens upon the figure veiled by the shadows cast by Elizabeth’s chamber, a unique, yet secret, foursome is born – one of innocence and sexual exploration.

Mr. Darcy's Secret

Mr. Darcy is righteous and ever a gentleman, but now that he is married, he and Elizabeth have uncovered a tiny fetish between them and let only their most cherished friends into the fold. A titillating quick read, Mr. Darcy’s Secret is a direct look at the secret sexuality the Darcy’s would never present to society.