Sex Stories – Fantasy & True Fiction

Sex Stories : Fantasy & True Fiction

On an early Spring morning, a young woman embarks upon a personal adventure of self exploration in the wilderness. Thinking she’s alone, she lets go of her inhibitions, exposing herself to the much older man who is watching from the nearby vantage, partaking in his personal fantasy, as well.

In this short erotic story, Lexie finds herself at a pivotal point in her life. She no longer craves sex, but the thing is she wants to. So she enlists the help of renounced sex therapist Dr. Bruce Bennet. Her friends had raved about his ability to reignite their desire. She quickly learns exactly what’s so special about Dr. Bennet.

Eir, one of Oden’s Valkyrie sets her sights on Gunnr, a great warrior. Eir is to take Gunnr from the battlefield and deliver him to Oden to fulfill his destiny, but when Gunnr doesn’t die, Eir must convince Gunnr to surrender himself to her, body and soul, so she can uphold her oath as a Valkyrie.

Older women have an obligation to share their knowledge with younger lovers – mentoring, teaching, and guiding them to become better lovers for their future partners. Madam Teacher is an erotic take on what it would be like for a young man to employ the knowledge of an older woman to guide him to pleasure his partner and embrace his fantasies.

While laying in bed, her husband beside her, the nameless woman escapes into her own fantasy about a man she barely knows. A man who sparked a deep and dormant desire. She flickers between fantasy and reality, becoming lost in thoughts and dreams of what pleasure could once again be, and what was to be reflection becomes a truthful confession.

This is a story of one woman’s quest for inner healing and a fateful, gentle partner who appears at the most opportune times. Despite the mildly erotic depiction of their sexual encounter, this story dives deeper. It is an exploration of one woman’s solitude, her quest for forgiveness, and the role which self-forgiveness plays in moving past a broken heart.

Brion’s strong legs were that of a horse, the curled horns which crowned his head were that of a ram. His deep locks of auburn hair outlined his handsome face. A playful nymph named Imbi set her sights on his unique masculinity to quell her erotic urges, only to have her desire further fueled by his dismissive nature.

In this short, softer erotic story, Madam de Vere lets her imagination take the wheel to take you on a short journey of one woman’s deepest desire. Through her darkness and into pure fantasy, she escapes the restrictions she has imposed upon herself and, rejecting all consequence, she turns herself over to a man, a complete stranger, with whom she is deeply connected.

At the end of her relationship of twenty years, Amanda Browne is understandably plagued by the fear and uncertainty which come along with such a life changing decision. The separation between her and her husband Mark had not been formally defined, so she continues to perform her wifely duties and has all but forgotten what it feels like to desire or be desired. Until she is met with a unique twist of fate.

What good is paradise if the tree which spills forth knowledge is forbidden? All of Eden was bountiful, but when the serpent tempts the fate of all mankind by sowing the simplest of seeds into the mind of its fair inhabitant, he cultivates a garden of inspiration and awakens the true essence of what it means to be man…and woman.

Erotic Fantasies de la Maison de Vere is another compilation of Josie de Vere’s early work, which includes five fantasy short stories. Each require the reader to take a leap from reality to fantastic erotic imagination.

Inside Erotic Tales de la Maison de Vere are 6 of Josie de Vere’s early work. Each story is a short, plausible fantasy, perfect for those looking to trade one reality for another.