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Body Mind, Mind Body

Another 3am-er for me. And while I gained some pretty amazing insights from my meditation, I can’t help but feel as though explaining them is going to be less profound than they felt…and likely more confusing. But it’s definitely worth the try.

This little thought could be spoken by almost anything and anyone we idolize, or even hold dear. It could be the essence of how we truly feel in our relationships. Truly, it could be anything. Because everything and everyone simply wants to be understood. But tonight this thought came from that little voice inside of me. The one that each of us has. It came from my intuition.

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Now It’s Telling Me NOT to Follow My Intuition

My intuition literally just said that it doesn’t want to be followed, it wants to be understood. Which makes a strange amount of sense. If we understand how our intuition works then it’s only natural that we can better follow it.

Understanding our intuition means to understand that we are meant to have a deep relationship with our bodies through our minds, and our minds through our bodies. There is constant communication in one direction or another. Experiencing and reacting to your outer reality speaks to your intuition, and your intuition returns sensations (either physical or emotional) to help guide you to whatever you have impressed upon your subconscious. The more you practice this and pay attention, you’ll find that this exchange of sensation is really amazing. So much so, that the exciting and diverting ego-y thoughts which attempt to lure you off course pale in comparison.

I’m beginning to see that you are your intuition, which in itself is hard to understand. But it would also seem that my intuition is telling me that I’ve worshipped it as something bigger and separate from me. Almost as though it’s god. But it’s just me. Which makes little ol’ me…and little ol’ you…pretty damn special.

If you’d like to explore more, I highly recommend that you meditate.

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