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The Body’s Voice – Gut Feelings

Today I’m still on the topic of intuition. And once again I ask that you bear with me, because I’m trying to think linearly about intuition and instincts, and they just keep wrapping back around on one another.

In Punishment is Always Regret I began to formulate an idea. It was that intuition is part of our higher selves, but the “intuition” I was thinking about was the physical “gut reaction.” And there’s much more to intuition. So while we seem to ascribe our intuition to a physical sensation. The instinctual “gut feeling.” I’m beginning to see that our mind’s intuition and our biological instincts are an intricate expression of one another.

Which Came First?

It’s pretty safe to say that there are times our intuition is the thought generated by the feelings which were created by our physical reactions/instincts. But! I’m beginning to see that our physical reactions to our environments can be the sensations our intuition needs to ensure that we’re experiencing life in accordance with our vision. A two way street, so to speak.

Which begs the question, which came first, the intuition or the instinct? The answer doesn’t really matter. What matters is paying attention to the thoughts that come from our feelings. And also the feelings that come from our thoughts. Because our bodies are definitely speaking to our minds, and so it makes sense that our minds would speak to our bodies, too. This is how we know if we’re on the right track.

gut reaction, trust your gut, inner wisdom, intuition, instincts

Thanks Ego

All of this “intuition and instinct” is pretty powerful stuff. But what’s more powerful is our ability to ignore and override both of them with our conscious mind. We can think, say, and do all kinds of things we know we shouldn’t…*insert every relationship faux pas ever committed*. (I’d like to thank the ego for this.)

But if we can go against our better judgement, we can also learn how to intentionally conduct our lives by listening to the physical cues of our bodies as they react to our outer reality. We can give our body’s experience a clearer voice by paying attention to how our minds describe the emotions our experiences conjure. We can honor our highly refined instincts by heeding their warning, or indulging in their excitement. And we can also tell our hearts…and our guts…what we’d like to experience and let them signal us when we encounter it. We just need to pay attention to how things feel…and not let our egos trick us into overriding our intuition.

Now For a Great Example of Why This Blog is Called Herding Cats

I often ask myself how I came to these esoteric thoughts when this whole thing started as a blog to help support my foray into writing short (erotic) stories. As you probably know, things changed dramatically when I realized that I was codependent and accidentally applied psychospiritual principles to fix myself. But the more I embrace this journey as just “my life” I can see how everything we experience has its purpose.

Every single part of our lives holds knowledge we need to understand, not just encounter. So while it may seem that I’ve gone all esoteric, everything I’m sharing fits into life wherever you need it. You can apply these thoughts to your relationships, your career, or whatever you’d like. But I’m beginning to see that it all is leading you back to one thing. You.

Another Cat Just Ran By

Oh…and something is pulling me back to writing more Mr. Darcy – Behind Closed Doors. So stay tuned for that.

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