thoughts, imagine, emotions, feelings, manifesting, meditation

Instant Distant Memory

Have you ever stopped to notice how quickly something happy can wipe out something sad? Have you ever noticed that for a split second happy tears literally mix with the sadness they’re washing away? Have you ever noticed how happiness can become an instant distant memory when sadness or anger are even momentarily entertained? Yeah…me neither.

thoughts, imagine, emotions, feelings, manifesting, meditation

About the author

The Enlightened Spectacle blog uses the exes, codependent tendencies, and esoteric thoughts of one woman in search of life’s deeper meaning as the inspiration for you to deviate from social norms, gain new perspectives, and embrace the darkness on your own Path of Enlightenment.

Josie de Vere is evolving thinker who happens to be codependent and also a writer. Hoping her journey through the darkness to know enlightenment inspires others along the way.

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