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I See You

I’ve been a bit obsessed with unfocusing my eyes, or as some would call it “softening my gaze,” because I’ve found that this is what almost instantly leads you to the place where meditation is easy. This practice allows you to be an observer of your thoughts. It is from this space I’ve also seen how I view my outer reality. How my emotions and reactions are all what I filter in from my external experiences. 

The more we focus with our eyes, the more we create physical reactions to things beyond our control. But the truth is, everything is beyond our control. Everything except the “I,” and the “me.” The one person we’ve been taught is selfish to think of first. But all of the negative experiences we have in life can be traced back to our not being able to control for something outside of our individual selves. 

It is not selfish to recognize that taking care of ourselves is how we can enhance our survival. And the peace which is achieved by unfocusing our eyes is almost instantly palpable. This is how we heal ourselves and this is what we must teach to others. Learn and then teach that being aware of how the world affects us is not selfish or greedy, but logical. It is the true gift of independence. 

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The Enlightened Spectacle blog uses the exes, codependent tendencies, and esoteric thoughts of one woman in search of life’s deeper meaning as the inspiration for you to deviate from social norms, gain new perspectives, and embrace the darkness on your own Path of Enlightenment.

Josie de Vere is evolving thinker who happens to be codependent and also a writer. Hoping her journey through the darkness to know enlightenment inspires others along the way.

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