Right Side Up Becomes Upside Down

The inspiration for today’s thought was a dream I had after my 3am wake up. I struggled to find stillness, but when I finally did (around 4am), one word was in my mind. Change.

If anyone is interested, I’ve explained the dream below the story. And just in case you’re wondering, no. I didn’t eat before I fell back to sleep.

The Dream

Someone I loved, but didn’t recognize physically, had found me with a tracking device. The device was old and clunky, like something out of an 80’s cartoon. The people he brought with him wanted something from me that, while I didn’t know what it was, I knew I didn’t want to give. My friend lied and told them that the tracking device was wrong and I wasn’t there, giving me the chance to get away.

I ran down the hall, it was a small old office building with white walls. I pressed the elevator button and made note of the nearby stairs, just in case the elevator didn’t come quickly enough. But the doors opened almost immediately and I got on. I hastily slapped the button for the second floor and turned to see that I was in a massive elevator made of all windows. It was as wide as a bus and had many horizontal rows, but no seats. I could see that it was operated by a big arm, which reminded me of a carnival ride.

I admired the world around me and below. It was wholly different than what I saw from my office. I was actually in an expensive, bustling, high end business building.

I found a vacant row just as the elevator started to move. And almost instantly, it began to rock backwards, as though it was rotating on the arm which moved it. I was helpless, there seemed to be nothing that would stop it from rotating all the way around. The few business men which were on the elevator were nervous, but didn’t seem surprised. Collectively, we waited for the elevator to return to its normal position. But it didn’t. It simply stayed upside down as we came to the first stop and the door opened.

Everyone turned to me and asked what to do to get back to normal. Of course I had no idea. I truly felt that I was more clueless than them. And while I could feel the pressure of my upside down position affect my body, I resolved myself to ignore it and quickly found my footing on what was once the ceiling. I made my way to the door all the while simply embracing that this was now normal. Down was now up.

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The Enlightened Spectacle blog uses the exes, codependent tendencies, and esoteric thoughts of one woman in search of life’s deeper meaning as the inspiration for you to deviate from social norms, gain new perspectives, and embrace the darkness on your own Path of Enlightenment.

Josie de Vere is evolving thinker who happens to be codependent and also a writer. Hoping her journey through the darkness to know enlightenment inspires others along the way.

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