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Coffee or Sex : Which is Better in the Morning?

The creamy warmth of decadence kissed my lips. It traipsed to my belly and I knew it would soon consume my body as it trickled into my veins. There was only one word to describe it. Luscious. And that’s just my morning coffee. Imagine how I feel about sex. But which is better for you – coffee or sex? Personally, I say both. But let’s take a look at what science says.

A Simple Truth

I wholeheartedly embrace one simple truth about myself. And it’s that I love my morning coffee. I love it so much I begin looking forward to it each night as I doze off to sleep. I don’t necessarily look forward to it for the “jolt” it provides. Plus, I drink espresso. And one shot of espresso actually has less caffeine than your average cup of coffee. I look forward to its lusciousness. I suppose it’s similar to the way some people look forward to their favorite dessert.

As you can see from my intro, my morning coffee is an entire mind body experience. It’s one of those things that even if the experts say not to drink coffee, I’m going to do it anyway. It’s worth the risks. But the good news is, your morning coffee has its benefits. As does another morning beverage.

Coffee ≠ Water

My morning ritual doesn’t begin with coffee. It hasn’t for years. This is simply because we’ve (hopefully) just spent the last eight or so hours without water. We need to get things flowing again. And even though coffee is brewed with water, coffee is a diuretic. So, first things first, people. Drink water.

Now, you’ll likely find a lot of information about how proper hydration is invigorating. And it probably is. It also helps get the body’s functions going first thing, which is a good thing. But this is a place of honesty for me. Those are all happy side effects. Water is just not a replacement for my warm and fuzzy friend whose name is Coffee. I’ve simply never felt the same warm and fuzzy feeling after a glass of water. So I drink my water almost immediately upon rising, but the start of my day is heralded by a coffee ritual.

Coffee Brings Happiness

As I mentioned, I’m less about the caffeine rush and more about the wash of happiness my morning latte brings. And as we know, a happy mind makes for a happy life. I suppose in my life, a delicious mind makes for a delicious life. Tomato ToMAto.

Over the years I’ve heard all kinds of negativity about the world’s favorite morning brew. And as expected I found a rather odd piece written by someone who clearly had it out for coffee. The author went on and on about how coffee was basically the devil and caused all kinds o’ health problems. It seemed a little excessive on the fear mongering, which always makes me raise an eyebrow. Plus, it didn’t cite credible sources for most of the claims made. So, as always, I went to a credible source which actually contradicted almost every claim the coffee-jaded writer made. Here are just a couple supported facts about coffee.

So however you take your coffee, take it without regret.

Morning Sex, Exercise, and Java

Here’s where things get awesome(r). If you read the article on the health benefits of coffee, you would know that caffeine is a great fat burner. But did you know that, “sex burns about 5 calories per minute, according to research from the Harvard Medical School,” ( So whether you choose sex, coffee, or both, you’re starting the day as a winner!

morning sex, coffee

So what is “morning sex”? Is it the first thing you do when you wake up? Or could it be defined as something done before 10am? I think the answer is subjective. But what isn’t subjective is that certain hormone levels, such as testosterone, are higher in the early morning. And more testosterone is a beautiful thing if you’re into boners.

Just like morning exercise, there are a slew of other mood and health boosting benefits to morning sex. But just because you’re partial to morning workouts doesn’t mean that you’re partial to morning sex. According to psychologists, your sexual time of day says more about your personality than it does about the body’s optimal time to exercise.

As a sapio-java-sexual, I prefer some good coffee and conversation to get me in the mood first thing. I just don’t want to launch into invigorating sex the moment I open my eyes. I infinitely prefer easing into the day.

Best Practices

coffee, coffee first, morning coffee

Researchers say that a cup of coffee before a workout can really amp things up. Since sex is a form of exercise, my sex logic tells me that coffee before sex should amp that calorie burn up a bit, too. So here’s a suggestion on a good morning regimen, as I see it.

  • Wake Up
  • Drink water you placed by the bed the night before
  • Make coffee
  • Drink coffee
  • Have conversation
  • Have sex
  • Start day

Morning Coffee + Literotica

Whether or not you’re a morning sex kind of person, keep in mind that sex often begins there. It’s important to cultivate a day of attention and affection with your partner. Especially if the newness of your relationship has worn off. So if you’d like sex tonight, consider cultivating some sexiness this morning. Share a story. Maison de Vere has quite a few from which to choose. Write a naughty text. Be endearing and maybe even charming. But sincerity will get you farthest.

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