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Profound Love is Profoundly Unprofound

It never ceases to amaze me how I stumble upon topics to discuss. The topic of profound love is no different. It started out as a simple rant in my head about the ongoing epidemic of “writers” and “poets” misspelling the word “a lot.” Clearly this causes me great discomfort for what I hope are obvious reasons. And for the record, it is in fact two words. But this led me to another ongoing issue. The relentless sharing of deep-ish thoughts and not-so profound love memes.

profound love
I submit to you Exhibit A. This post is not terribly deep, but it loses all credibility due to such a simple spelling error. Source: *Creator is a public account. DM for creator’s info*

Something is Profoundly Missing

profound love

I know. How could I be such a cynic? It’s great that these posts offer relationship advice of sorts. Some encourage people to not settle for less than a good relationship (as in Exhibit A above). And many do indeed spread positivity, but I just can’t help it. In a world where people look to social media for encouragement, support, even advice, what they’re receiving is mediocre advice pandering to algorithms, rather than thinking of the actual humans reading their work.

Call me crazy, but I believe that subjects such as profound love should be, well, profound. And at the very least, meaningful. But let’s be honest, not all of these memes merit the tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of “likes.” For those who do garner such attention, kudos to the creators. But is it too much to ask for them to step it up a smidge? I’d hate to think that they’re using their passion for inspirational writing to achieve social media stardom. Oh who am I kidding? They are. I would prefer to think that they value the process of creation. And I hope that they would want to be remembered for their quality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that simplicity isn’t worthy of appreciation. But writing and inspiration isn’t a numbers game. Well, at least it shouldn’t be.

Social Media Responsibility

Call me old fashioned, but I feel like an Instagram account with more than three million followers has a responsibility to be a bit more profound, genuine, and selective in their posts. Use that reach to inspire depth in a very surface society. It’s paramount.

Look, I get it. Not everything can be remarkably profound. Inspiration waxes and wanes. But putting up content for the sake of maintaining a social media algorithm is a little hard for me to swallow. Just look at how many of the biggest accounts are sharing the exact same work. And much of it isn’t even their original content. Bottom line, there are more important things that can be done with such influence. And once that’s all sorted, just imagine taking it to another level with good grammar and limited slang!

What I’m Trying to Say

Thoughts shared this extensively should “plant a seed.” They should spark some self-awareness and cause people to think, even if just for the moment they briefly pause. After all, many of these people love inspirational quotes and strive to find profound love. Yet I find it interesting that so many struggle to take the action to live the life they claim to “like.”

If you really look at some of these posts you’ll find that they’re nothing more than ordinary, common sense thoughts we all have. I suppose I just don’t understand the need to “like” something I could’ve thought of myself. And although I understand people’s desire to show others that they can relate, I just don’t understand the enchantment with such simplicity. I want to feel inspired to click that like button based on the writer’s willingness to dig into their darkest depths and put forward something profound…especially when talking about the foundations of profound love. Isn’t that what writers and poets do? Put forth a thought from a new perspective which inspires further reflection? I want mindful, not mindless.

The Quest for Profound Love

quest for love, love

We’ve all seen the type. People on social media we know personally who lead pretty typical lives. The ones who share these profound love posts and other modestly thought provoking posts with the caption, “this is so me.” But you know them better. And I want to know more about them. Why are they enchanted by such simple thoughts? As it turns out there is no direct answer for this type of personality, at least one I could find. Individual personalities are funny that way. So I decided to piece together my own personality profile.

The “Likers”

love, like

I heard Neville Goddard once say that there are hearers and doers. I also heard him say that people absorb things differently. Some are surface and some feel things deeply. It seems that in today’s world, well, at least in my world, most of these (not-so) profound love sentiments, as well as the inspirational quotes, are shared by hearers rather than doers.

What is a Hearer?

A “hearer” is someone who hears the words and truly wants to embody those words. Yet they can’t fully embrace the steps necessary to execute and bring profound love (or whatever they seek) into their lives. They struggle to put those words into action. They simply don’t know where to begin.

I think we all want to be deep. We all want to be profound. And we all want to experience a deeply profound love. But how does one truly embody this level of profundity, especially when today’s touted writers and poets can’t even fully embrace that “a lot” is two words? I’ll tell you what I think. I think we all need to take the most difficult step of all. Introspection.

The Writers

Philosophy and psychology show us that writers and other artists who gain intrinsic value from their work aren’t necessarily having pleasant experiences. Writers, and any creator, often turn themselves inside out for their craft. It’s not about the process, but about the profoundness of their creation. Writing memes that are so simplistic for the sake of staying in someone’s feed does little for the art of writing. It even strips #writer of all credibility. We can do better. We must do better. If for no other reason than so many consider social media a form of therapy. Writers and poets, I challenge you to challenge yourselves so that your viewers can challenge themselves. It’s tough. I don’t pretend to have mastered it. I hope I never do. But the process is worth it.

Profound Love vs Novelty

Sadly in this age of social media we are less inspired by profundity and more reactive, even incentivized by novelty. The tribe of hearers has grown, while the individual effort to be a doer still remains difficult. Even unattainable. We are interested in the novelty of the statements, the immediate reward of superficial pleasure.

We understand these posts on the surface, but continue to be distracted by trivial life so the profound nature is still missing. So allow me to provide you with my definition of profound love so we can all start somewhere. Then we can toss it around over time and let it evolve into something greater.

Profound Love: A deeply fulfilling and ongoing appreciation for something or someone. One which goes beyond mere infatuation. An appreciation which has no end and any interaction with the object of this love only further develops/deepens the understanding of the self as well as the subject.

Profound Love, Profound Thoughts

profound love, profound thoughts

All this talk about profound love would be pointless had it not generated some profound thoughts of my own. After all of this poking and prodding at social media writers and poets to up their game, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that perhaps I don’t find them to be profound because I have no need for them to be. Simply because I am not seeking profound love. If I were, perhaps then I would find relevance in them. But because I am on a different path of self discovery, these posts seem trivial to me.

BUT, from my modest literary perspective, I fully stand behind my statements about grammar, spelling, slang, and depth of content. Authors can and should always strive to up their game, and readers can and should dig a little deeper on their quest for profound love. After all, what it’s really all about is filling your heart with how your desire makes you feel. Think deeply and feed your heart’s desire. That’s what creates happiness. And happiness is what the journey is all about.

Profoundly Love Thy Self

In a world where everyone is looking to everyone else for answers and approval, is it not the duty of everyone on social media to guide their viewers back to themselves? After all, that’s the truest source of profound love. There is nothing outside yourself which can possibly be more profound than the quest to love who you are and forge ahead better and better each day.

Profound Love, Literotica, & Sex Logic

I struggle to think that love is synonymous with sex, or that sex is synonymous with love. There are entirely too many versions of love to consider and entirely too many versions of sex, too. Plus there isn’t much logic in the novel type of love. However, there is a vast logic to be found in the exploration and understanding of profound love and sex.

Fortunately, we can indulge in the novelty of love through literotica stories. We can even indulge in the novelty of sex. But sparks don’t really start to fly until profound love and sex come together. And since the truest source of profound love is from you, for you, you can experience profound love and sex whenever you choose to embrace yourself as the most important person in your life.

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  1. I loved it! super well worded on a real serious and subject, you worked hard to stay objective and honest with your opinion still all the while keeping it on a good track…A+++

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