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Marijuana vs Alcohol – Sex Life Face Off

Once upon a time I worked in Marketing in the marijuana industry. I saw it all…and heard all kinds of miraculous claims as to the efficacy of marijuana in all aspects of life. Whatever ails you, the entire industry seems to agree – slap a little marijuana on it and you were good to go. Including your vagina.

I won’t deny that I had my own unique experiences with marijuana and my vagina. Without science to support me, my experience is at best, anecdotal. Adding to the mounting anecdotal evidence, I would agree that marijuana is a beautiful addition to a sex life because of its calming effects…but only if it suits you. By no means is any of this intended to tell you that marijuana will cure anything, including a low libido. If you choose to try marijuana as an enhancement for your sex life, then I’m in full support…because to me, it’s awesome. Oh, and I feel exactly the opposite about alcohol. (Yeah…I’m one of those. I’ll explain why. Keep reading.)

Types of Marijuana Users

Marijuana customers range from the stereotypical stoner to the leather loafer wearing CEO. There truly is no “typical” stoner. Everyone had their own reasons for using, and they’re widely varied. Whether science supports them or not, people believe marijuana helps, and at that point it doesn’t matter if the limited and potentially biased science agrees. The placebo effect is Jedi strong.

Marijuana Pros

If you’re interested in what the Colorado marijuana industry looks like, I can confidently say that there is a product made and marketed for even the tiniest detail of your life. The industry cannot make any health claims, and neither can I, but you’ll find ample anecdotal information on how marijuana may assist you with:

  • Meditation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Pain Reliever
  • Deep Thought Generator
  • Side Effect Treatment
  • Symptom Management

There’s good research in the world about marijuana. More than American scientists care to admit. After all, American scientists like American science best and don’t like to give a lot of credit to other countries’ findings. Plus, marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug, which makes research even more difficult…and biased…and political. Anyway, we know a little bit about how the various cannabinoids in marijuana affect the receptors in our bodies. We know a bit about how marijuana affects our brain chemistry. We also know a little about how it affects our cardiovascular system and a bit about drug interactions, too.

erectile dysfunction, marijuana

But truthfully, what we know really isn’t much. Which means we probably know even less about marijuana and our sex lives.

Marijuana and Your Sex Life

Marijuana, Masturbation, Endocannabinoid

Relaxation and sleep are always hot topics among consumers. Marijuana customers are no different. But I never heard anyone walk into a dispensary and say, “Hi. I want to see if marijuana will help my waning libido.” I’m sure it’s happened, but I never heard it. Marijuana can be relaxing and can help you fall asleep easier. This knocks out two birds with one nug, so to speak. But as I’ve been repeatedly repeating, your libido is dependent on relaxation. Ergo – it’s quite possible that marijuana may help your libido.

Random Side Note #1: 
Libido is literally your desire for sex. Not your ability to perform. 

As I mentioned, the marijuana industry has a product for just about anything you’re trying to fix…including your sex life. The two most popular brands that I’m aware of specifically marketing to your sex life are 1906, with their highly touted chocolate, plant medicine formulary aphrodisiac “Love” beans and gems. And then there’s Foria Pleasure, with their personal lubricant. (Foria also has a CBD only line of their products, Foria Wellness.)

I’ve tried Foria Pleasure. It didn’t work. I spoke to a budtender who was convinced it should have. She said that I needed to use more. Which I did. Unfortunately no matter how much I used, it just didn’t work for me. If you’re so inclined, try it (if it’s legal in your state or try the CBD version) and let me know. In this case study of moi, I’m inclined to consider the placebo effect. Sex is all about your state of mind. Who wouldn’t like having coconut oil rubbed on their…ahem…flower, once you have your head in the right place? Plus, blood flow is bound to increase if you rub any part of your body.

1906 New Highs

I asked some of the more prominent dispensaries how 1906 achieved their status in the Colorado edible market. Their reply, “People love them because they work.” I also discovered that 1906’s status in the Colorado cannabis market is the result of word of mouth…a marketer’s wet dream! They captured the heart of every insomniac with their Midnight chocolates and I’ve heard that their “Chill” works as well. I can’t speak to either. I’ve only ever had their “Go” beans and wasn’t a big fan of the flavor.

Random Side Note #2:
I worked in sleep medicine for years so I feel it necessary to say that there's a ton of denial in the world and most people need to acknowledge and realistically treat their sleep apnea (with CPAP - it works and it's easy) for a better night's sleep. Imagine a 1906 chocolate as you settle in combined with actually breathing through the night. Sounds divine! 

1906 products have a unique competitive advantage, as they are formulated with the alchemy of herbalism. For their “Love” product they combine some THC, some CBD, and some carefully chosen herbs and poof! They give you a relaxation ball of chocolatey herbal goodness. And because sex is mental, you win!

The Aphrodisiac Effect


All of this sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, now that we know each other better, I’m sure it won’t come as a huge surprise to learn that I’m not a huge fan of aphrodisiacs. Plus you need to be careful, as the herbs they are using have properties which claim to increase blood flow and reduce blood pressure. And marijuana looks to do the same. So those of you with cardiovascular issues, on blood pressure meds, or those who take Viagra – buyer beware.

I think what stands out to me the most is that a couple of the herbs listed in their “Love” ingredients claim to reduce stress and help you reconnect within yourself. Which is also what marijuana can do. So once you relax and spark your desire, performance likely won’t be an issue for healthy people. Which makes sense to me. For those of you who are healthy and looking to heighten your experience this may be a fun experiment. 1906 has a great reputation which precedes them, and customers seem to love them.

Just remember, it’s about relaxation and getting into the right frame of mind. Smoking or eating marijuana may help you relax, but so will meditating. Everyone is different, so I’m hesitant to say that anything outside of a change in perspective is a magical fix.

Marijuana, Alcohol, and the Boner

In comparison to alcohol, I’d take weed all day. But the truth is, we don’t really know if marijuana impacts the physical side of erectile function. (Remember, libido is desire not performance.)

marijuana, erectile function

Some say it does, other say it doesn’t. But we definitely know that alcohol does. Ever hear of whiskey dick or liquor dick? Once you’re past the “liberated” state of alcohol intoxication, you start to dabble with restricted blood flow and increased blood pressure. The opposite is true for marijuana. So, what does that mean for weed and your boner? Honestly, who knows? Some people say weed is a “boner killer” while others have no problem. Science is out, so it looks like this one is for you to decide.

Some say that marijuana enhances their orgasms (I have my hand raised on this one). But I’m willing to hypothesize that it’s more than just marijuana enhancing the orgasm. I’d say that it’s the relaxed state of mind, and other euphoric chemical reactions. Everyone is different and we just don’t have enough research. But no matter how you feel about marijuana, you cannot deny the effects of alcohol.


Alcohol is a depressant, and it depresses more than just your central nervous system. It depresses your brain and your body, it depresses your family and friends. It constricts blood vessels, which impact sexual performance. But sexual prowess is the least of our problems. With easy access and social acceptance, it can be easily abused and is the third leading preventable cause of death in the US. I’ve seen alcohol absolutely destroy a once happy, virile, energetic man and turn him into nothing more than a bowery bum. This man was my husband. I don’t recognize him anymore. And yes, he has erectile dysfunction.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind alcohol in moderation. It’s the excess of anything that gets me. Everything in moderation, folks.

The Art of Desire

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In closing, it seems that since the dawn of time people have tried to rekindle desire. As we’ve become more sophisticated we’ve stopped popping oysters and started popping pills. The truth is, your waning libido rarely has anything to do with a physical problem. It has to do with your self image and how you view your partner.

The bigger truth is – popping chocolate or rubbing a magic oil on your vag isn’t what helps. What helps is what you think it will do for you. Relaxation and lower inhibitions can be achieved with moderate amounts of marijuana or alcohol (never ever together, though). But also with laughter and meditation. Find the balance which is right for you. Be gentle and explore your mind and body. Sex toys and literotica are amazing additions to your bedroom. But the best addition is a calm mind.

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