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Hot Sex Chat! Literotica is Good for the Brain

We all know that hot sex is the goal of any and every type of sex, but did you know that reading literotica can actually help you manage stress? That’s right, in this hot sex chat we’ll explore what reading literotica does to the brain and why you should read more of it.

Hot Sex and Stress…they’re related, kinda

We’ve already covered how the acts of reading and watching impact our brains. While each has their place in our respective sex lives, it’s important to understand the effects of each. As much as I’m a fan, you should know that visual porn may actually cause stress in women. But fortunately for the human race, reading literary erotica has an extremely happy side effect – stress reduction.

That’s right, ladies and gents. Reading about hot sex can lead to having hot sex (alone or with someone). But your brain is capable of an ol’ switcheroo. In a happy twist of chemistry, the brain can channel the rapid heartbeat from your life’s external stress stimuli into feelings of arousal. I don’t know about you, but this sounds infinitely more appealing than anxiety to me.

Visual Porn & Stress

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As you already know, I’m a fan of visual porn’s influence on hot sex. Most people perceive that men are the prime viewers of porn, but women like to get their visual freak on, too. I’d like to quote Missy Elliott on this, “Ain’t no shame, ladies do your thing.” But it’s important to remember that some kinds of visual porn may induce stress, rather than hot sex, in women. Let’s take a brief look at why.

It’s All About Perception

What would a Hot Sex Chat be if I didn’t bring some psychology to the table? As I mentioned, I was a Psych major and found all kinds of things fascinating about the subject. I remember a class on Abnormal Psych. My professor showed body image screening results for men and women. I still remember the discussion –

Whether fat or skinny, there is little variance in men’s perception of their body. Most men see/classify their bodies as they actually are, which is also where they want to be, and they’re fine with it.

Most women, on the other hand, see themselves as fatter than they actually are. They desire to be infinitely thinner, and don’t realize that they’re actually quite normal.

Source: Abnormal Psych class 20+ years ago.

I’m sure you can see how watching hot sex could lead to an increased heart rate for women, but not the delicious arousal kind. It took me all of two seconds to find this write up on Body Image: Men vs Women to support my experience. It’s a bit dated, but the message is the same. Whether it’s nature or nurture, men and women just don’t scrutinize their bodies in the same manner.

It makes sense that more women would find strapping and handsome, unattainable young men having hot sex with the “up for anything,” perfect bodied, pink rosebud clitorises with tiny labia minora, and not a blemish on their perfectly tan backside intimidating. Plainly said, it’s hard to relax and have hot sex when you’re judging yourself.

For Hot Sex Read Literotica

read literotica, stress reduction
literotica, hot sex chat
Source: Elite Daily

Plus, reading is a natural stress reliever.

read literotica, hot sex chat

Let’s tie this all together. Hot sex and stress are similar chemical reactions and create similar physical responses. It is suggested that you can tell your brain that those negative symptoms of stress are actually the happy sensations of arousal. Reading literotica can help, especially for women. Again, let’s explore why.

Reading Erotica

literotica, stress reduction

According to sex educator Emily Nagoski,

“Sex is most satisfying for most women when you’re in a context that is low stress, high trust, high affection, and explicitly erotic,” Nagoski says. Through detailed, written descriptions, erotica has the potential to provide consumers with more of an emotional connection. It can even enable readers to envision their own sexual encounters in ways that are sexier and less stressful.

Source: Elite Daily

Everyone has stress and (almost) everyone has sex…hopefully hot sex. It goes without saying that stress can impact our sex lives and everyone has their own ways to mitigate stress. Reading is one way to reduce stress. Reading erotica can help you put your imagination to good use, transferring stress symptoms into something more desirable. There is ample research on how sex can help reduce stress – just give it a Google. The bottom line is that in order to reduce stress and find satisfaction you must form an emotional connection with the most important person, yourself.

*Please use your logic and know that reading erotica is not a replacement for solid help from a mental health professional*

What Hot Sex Should You Read?

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