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Sex Education – Meditation & Orgasms

Psychology, Philosophy, and Sex

Sex Education, Orgasms

It seems that we may have stumbled across a way to crank up your libido. But before we get there (and I promise we will), a little background. As a student of Psychology in my early years I found that I had a certain affinity for Sex Education. In my senior year in college I took an upper division Human Sexuality course and found myself to be the curve on which others’ grades were based. (Although I didn’t directly follow this path, it has come in handy when writing erotica.)

I have always had an analytical mind (logical), and dabbled in philosophy (theoretical). A thought which interests me pops into my head and I take it apart from a variety of angles. For example, last night and this morning I was thinking about the relationship between sex and meditation, and my brain naturally asked two questions.

1. Can practicing meditation improve sex?

Then my inner voice said, “Better yet…!”

2. Is sex actually a state of meditation?

Sex Education – Meditation and Orgasms

Sex Education, Orgasms, Sex, Erotica

Both the physical and psychological human brain are labyrinths scientists will be decoding for generations to come. Since I’m a much bigger fan of Carl Jung than Sigmund Freud, I indulge myself in both science and spirituality. I think of it as a way for me to make sense of things that don’t make sense.

Take meditation for example. Some would describe meditation as a “spiritual experience,” a way to get in touch with your “higher self,” a way to be in the moment and embody mindfulness. It seems that science has found that like meditation, orgasms tear down the boundaries of self awareness by stopping the ongoing monologue in your brain – ergo, sex is meditation…if you do it right.

Your Assignment

What would a good sex education be without an assignment to truly experience what you’ve learned? After all, we’ve been talking about low libidos, perhaps this exercise can help. According to the Psychology Today article referenced above, whether you’re meditating or having sex, you’re in search of a “state of bliss.” So how do you achieve bliss?

Meditation is the perfect entry point to many profound sexual experiences. Successful meditation and successful sex all start with the same three key entry points:

1. Get comfortable.
2. Slow down.
3. Connect to the breath.

Psychology Today

Sounds simple enough, but everyone who has ever laid down in bed hoping to fall asleep knows that this can be challenging. Perhaps this is why the lull of watching TV or reading a book is beneficial to some (although sleep specialists would recommend not watching TV in bed). So I think we should add an extra step to your sex education assignment. If relaxing into a trance like state is desirable for having sex, and you have difficulty achieving this on your own, perhaps watching porn to help usher the chatter out of your mind would help. This article even states that we are able to reach “erotic states” when approaching sex as we would meditation, so why not nurture and guide the experience by reading erotica?

Another Case for Porn & Literary Erotica

Perhaps we’ve just hit on something. Whether you prefer to approach your sexuality scientifically or spiritually, the fact is – we know that people have trouble relaxing enough to fall asleep easily, therefore it can be said that people who struggle sexually are simply having trouble relaxing into the moment to enjoy the experience. Some may turn to visual porn, which is great for a quick jolt to switch our focus to sex. Literary erotica takes your engagement a step further, a bit deeper into the imagination. Both have their place in achieving an erotic altered state…and mind bending orgasms. The choice is yours!

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