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Mr. Darcy Has Been Detained

Well, it seems that the craziness of the world today has finally caught up with Amazon Kindle. The publishing of “Mr. Darcy’s Clandestine Affair” has been delayed a week now, and we’re really not sure when it will be available. All we know is that Kindle announced the delay, but offered no perspective on when things might begin to flow again. That said, Maison de Vere is making the best of it and has penned yet another titillating tale of Mr. Darcy and his lovely wife Elizabeth. “Mr. Darcy’s Forbidden Touch” will be submitted later today and hopefully published sooner than later. In the meantime, have a look at the blurb and the delicious little cover we created.

Mr. Darcy has proven himself to be a passionate and considerate lover, open to experimentation and unabashed when it comes to his sexual proclivities. It is no secret that he and Elizabeth have cultivated quite a life of sexual exploration and abandon when the shades of Pemberley are drawn. Yet while Mr. Darcy is away, he knows that Elizabeth will play. No matter how many times he leaves, upon each return from London he sets out to reclaim his wife and his rightful position as the object of her desire.

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